Swiss loans, better known as credit without credit bureau, gives German credit seekers the chance to apply for a loan without asking the credit bureau or making a credit bureau entry. However, before a borrower signs a contract to take out a Swiss loan, it is essential that he or she carry out a detailed credit comparison and, in particular, carefully read the paragraphs and clauses in the fine print.

Through this meticulous approach, he ensures that he actually signs a loan agreement that is fair and best suited for him. Experience shows that not all banks, investors and lenders are professional and trustworthy. In the field of Swiss loans, there are also black sheep, which are: better avoid it!

Credit from Switzerland without credit bureau query

Credit from Switzerland without credit bureau query

“Instant loan without credit bureau”, or “Eilkredit” – with these and similar slogans recruit many lenders today to lure new borrowers. Whether all lenders here are actually serious, once put there.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, today’s loan seekers are fortunate enough to carry out extensive tests and comparisons to throw the “good in the potty and the bad in the pebble”. In principle, however, it is quite possible to obtain a Swiss loan or a loan free of debt on fair terms, provided that the borrowers search for it intelligently and obtain the right loan offers.

Loans under Swiss law

As the name implies, a Swiss loan is a loan that is approved and disbursed by a Swiss bank or lender. Swiss law applies here. In many cases, a Swiss loan is a traditional installment or consumer loan.

The examination procedure takes place without credit bureau query

The big advantage of Swiss loans is that it uses exams that are not based on querying the German credit bureau entry. In addition, no credit bureau entry is initiated. Which exact audit procedures are used varies from lender to lender. Some are strict, others less strict. Riskier credit institutions, banks and investors, however, like to pay for the higher risk with higher interest rates.

Applying for Swiss loans in the event of financial bottlenecks

Swiss loans are particularly well-suited to those situations where there is not enough money to pay one or more bills. Who has never been caught on the wrong foot by back payments, unexpected invoices or reminders or even warnings? Above all, the people who are haunted even have a negative credit bureau entry, then rely on a Swiss loan almost.

Swiss loans with instant confirmation and Sofortüberweisung

Swiss loans with instant confirmation and Sofortüberweisung

If you are in a hurry, you can also pay special attention to short-term loans, instant loans or lightning loans when comparing various loan offers from Switzerland. Not only in Germany, banks, banks and lenders offer urgent loans and Sofortüberweisung within 24 to 48 hours, but also in the beautiful Alpine Switzerland. However, it is essential for fast processing and approval that all necessary documents and documents for the credit assessment process are sent quickly and, above all, completely.

Swiss Credit for the unemployed, pensioners and crediter recipients?

Anyone who not only quickly needs a Swiss loan without credit bureau, but also without proof of a regular income or salary, also has certain chances of obtaining a loan application. However, it is the borrower’s duty to provide collateral that is designed to protect the lender from default and excessive risk.

The repatriation of the loan must be ensured so that a lender says “yes” and also allows unemployed, crediter recipients, pensioners, self-employed or low-income freelancers for a Swiss loan.

Conclusion on Swiss loans


Loan seekers of all stripes who need a loan despite credit bureau should definitely take a closer look at their options in the area of ​​Swiss credit. For Swiss loans waive the query of credit bureau and are based on other specifically Swiss examination procedures. Another important point about the Swiss loan is that there is no credit bureau entry – which is very much desired by many potential borrowers. It is important to carry out extensive loan comparisons before final signing of a loan agreement and to get an accurate picture of all clauses, paragraphs and conditions.