We help you to search for credit!

We help you to search for credit!

Kredit-Suche.com is your starting point for all matters relating to the search for credit. We have many years of experience in the financial sector, have once started comparing free current accounts and have made it our goal to provide a transparent view of the current credit market. To do this, we watch the financial market, the credit providers, write about current developments and refer to the best deals.

You are guaranteed to find only verified partner companies on our website. Seriousness and reliability are important here. Hooks in the fine print are undesirable with us and are not tolerated.

If you have any questions about any topic from the credit world, you can contact us at any time.

Take advantage of the credit comparison and if you decide to take out a loan, simply request an offer through one of our partner sites.

Our loan calculator is designed so that you can easily find the best loan offer for every occasion. It will suffice the desired loan amount, the desired term and the choice of purpose. Then you will receive an easy-to-understand list of the best offers.

The most important loans at a glance

The most important loans at a glance

Although we provide information on all major forms of credit, there are still some loans that are particularly in focus, as they are particularly popular or of great interest to many people.

1. instant loan

If it really needs to be done quickly, you do not have a long time until the money is on the account after completing the form and only after a few days. There are many credit providers on the Internet who specialize in short-term credit. With our loan calculator you will find the best. Further information can be found on our page on instant loans.
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2. Credit without private credit bureau

Often a negative entry at the private credit bureau prevents getting a good and cheap credit. Again, there are some good providers who grant you a loan. This type of credit causes many skeptics, which is why it is particularly important to clarify which credit without private credit bureau is serious. Here you will also find information about the private credit bureau entry.
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3. Online Credit

Loans that you can conveniently apply online are so-called online loans. In recent years, the number of these providers has grown enormously, often large, reputable banks have established subsidiaries in order to rise in this category. The best providers for an online loan can be found with us.
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4. Car loan

As a car loan is usually a normal installment loan referred to, but its use is set to the payment of a car. In addition, the car itself is usually used as collateral and at the end of the repayment period, a transfer fee must be paid before the vehicle is handed over. Our loan calculator can accurately search for the best car loans.
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5. Mortgage lending

Loans for mortgage lending are used either for the purchase of a property or apartment or for renovating buildings and apartments or to preserve the building fabric. Our loan calculator finds the best deals on modernization and renovation. The most important information on loans for mortgage lending exists with us.
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How do you get a cheap loan?

How do you get a cheap loan?

During our activity in the credit sector, we have often dealt with the question of what to look for when looking for a cheap loan, especially with the help of comparison portals.
The most important points are briefly summarized here:

1. Main problem and solution

One of the biggest problems with the many comparison portals on the Internet, according to our experience, is that it is never clear what interest rate you will actually get in the end. Because: the offers of the comparisons are not 100% agreed with the banks, it can always come to changes and the portals can not inform about what circumstances makes the bank exactly dependent, which customer gets what interest rate.

The solution to this problem is quite simple: you should not simply click on the credit first place in a comparison and then complete it. Instead, it is best to ask for the first three credits to get the documentation with the final terms now approved by the bank. (For reputable providers such as Check24 or Smava, these inquiries are basically non-binding and free)

2. Expensive residual credit insurance

On the credit search by means of comparison portals one will find again and again the so-called residual credit insurances, which are offered by most providers as urgent recommendations.

But this raises the question – does one need insurance, for example – which makes for more expensive overall conditions – for the death of a loan of 5,000 euros? We do not think so. The Vergeleichsportale still tend to the opportunity, just not complete insurance, in their application forms are not very clear, to see, for example, this example:

Especially with small loans you can usually do without the insurance and thus save money – but in the end, of course, everyone must decide for themselves whether he wants to carry the risk itself.

3. Take your time

The last and perhaps the simplest tip: take your time! Of course, it is not fun to click through interest rates, terms and contracts, but you should at least put some selection together and consider different portals, if you do not want to pay more money for no reason. However, our credit comparison, which is unique in the internet, can at least relieve you of this task, as we compare the best conditions of ALL major comparison portals.

To our transparent credit comparison

In our detailed guide to a cheap loan, we have described in more detail what problems there can be in the search for credit and what to look for.