A car loan is a classic installment loan with monthly flat rates. As a rule, the car loan is repaid in a maximum of 48 monthly installments. The lender receives the car letter as collateral for the repayment.

Comprehensive loan comparison for a car loan

The car loan is considered the cheapest form of financing for buying a car because it is earmarked. In a car loan, the buyer acts as a cash payer. This allows him a negotiating margin on the purchase price. In addition, there are often additional perks, such as free winter tires or a hands-free kit.

If no car loan is used, the car purchase is usually carried out with the help of a dealer financing. Here the credit giver is usually the autobank connected to the dealer. The offered interest rates can be very cheap in some cases, but the buyer is often limited in the choice of the car model. For these reasons, it is advisable to consider not only the effective interest rates, but also the associated conditions and possible savings of a cash payment.

Prerequisite for the optimal financing of the car purchase is a comprehensive credit comparison. For a first overview, the independent credit comparison calculator offers. For a specific loan request, our car loan experts will be happy to advise you personally and individually.

Short and sweet // Car loan

  • Installment loan with monthly flat rates
  • Cheapest form of financing for buying a car
  • Credit giver receives car letter as security
  • Prerequisite for optimal financing is a comprehensive credit comparison

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