Our Christmas loan allows you to make a small loan cheaply and quickly for your gifts

You will always find the best credit – see for yourself!

You will always find the best credit - see for yourself!

Everyone knows it, the Christmas season is getting closer and there is not enough cash to put a nice present under the tree for family or partner. Many of our customers also needed a loan last year. For example, to give a holiday, jewelry or tickets for an event. Of course you need such a small loan quickly and, above all, cheap. The new Christmas loan from private credit company fulfills these requirements! This year we have included a Christmas loan in our loan offers especially for loan seekers.

The short-term microcredit for Christmas

If you want to get a cheap Christmas loan, then you should rather directly look at Private Credit Company for a small loan, instead of asking directly at a bank or to take the long waiting times and error rates in comparison portals in purchasing. After all, our partner banks, where we quickly and independently compare suitable loan offers, usually offer their customers cheaper credit terms than branch banks and comparison portals. Because we can provide you with very good conditions for a Christmas loan through our financial experts. Even with smaller negative entries at the Schufa, often small loans up to 1000 euros can be quickly awarded as a Christmas loan. Of course, this always depends on your overall credit rating. Nevertheless, a comparison for a Christmas loan is always worthwhile!

Take advantage of our free Christmas loan

To apply for a Christmas loan with immediate payment and quick payout, you have to meet the similar requirements, as with similar installment loans. If proof of regular income, permanent employment and the creditworthiness of the borrower are easy for you to fulfill, nothing stands in the way of a quick commitment for your Christmas loan. To apply for a Christmas loan, you should be at least 18 years old and live in Germany, as these are important criteria for any bank. With us you also get far better interest rates than at your house bank, as we have better terms with partner banks, due to years of cooperation.

What can you possibly use a Christmas loan for?

What can you possibly use a Christmas loan for?

You have no idea what you could give your partner? No problem, our team has put together some interesting Christmas gift ideas for you. Maybe there is something suitable for you or it gives you a little inspiration for your own idea. Have fun giving away, wishes your private credit company team.

Possible gift ideas for women at Christmas

  • Very classic for jewelry and watches
  • Nice holiday or city break
  • Relaxing Spa & Welness weekend
  • Voucher for full day beauty treatment
  • Private love firework with pyrotechnician
  • Weekend in a romantic ski lodge
  • Personal photoshoot or couple shoot
  • Interesting balloon ride over the landscape
  • Mini cruise for two by the seas
  • Day trip with Igloo Overnight in the Alps

Possible gift ideas for men at Christmas

  • Driving a race car (on a Formula 1 track)
  • Adventure-filled adventure holiday
  • Skydiving or paragliding
  • Brewing course with extensive beer tasting
  • Driving pleasure on a quad tour
  • Exclusive whiskey or wine collections
  • Demanding sailing trip across the sea
  • Adventure outdoor weekend (rafting, climbing, etc.)
  • Exciting flight with helicopter or plane
  • High or low with canyoning and diving lessons

For such gifts, a cheaper Christmas loan can help on more attractive terms. Because you are not annoyed about too high interest rates and borrowing costs. A small loan for it already exists from 500 euros, such a small amount is often enough for many and is also fast to pay back. Therefore , you can still use our short-term offer for your Christmas loan today and give your loved one something very special for Christmas.