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In a nutshell // civil servant loans

Because of their secure and well-paid jobs, civil servants and public employees are a special customer group for lenders. The risk of credit losses due to the deterioration of creditworthiness and unemployment is clearly minimized, so that this professional group receives loans on particularly good terms.

The most important advantage of civil servant loans is the favorable interest rates. They are usually committed over the life of the loan, giving borrowers maximum planning security. For this reason, the monthly installments are lower than with conventional installment loans. Due to the high creditworthiness of these professional groups, higher credit amounts are often possible.

As a rule, the civil service loan can be completed until the age of 57. In some cases, loans up to the age of 60 are possible. Both the term and the use of the civil service loan are extremely flexible. In addition, the civil servant’s loan can often be prematurely triggered without prepayment penalty.

The classic civil service loan is always coupled with a pension and endowment life insurance. Therefore, it is also referred to as a repayment-free loan. During the term no repayment installments are paid, but the insurance contributions. When the loan expires, the insurance ends and triggers the loan. If the borrower leaves prematurely, the loan is compensated by the life insurance. Survivors are therefore not burdened by additional debts. An advantage of the civil service loan is also that under certain circumstances, the sum of the life and pension insurance exceeds the loan debt. These surpluses can keep the borrowers to themselves.

The basic requirement for a civil service loan is the non-cancellability of the employment relationship and the approval of the bank and the insurance company for your application. All other liabilities must be triggered with the loan. However, there are also some disadvantages to consider, such as the taxation of interest income in case of premature termination of existing life and pension insurance.

In a nutshell // civil servant loans

  • For whom possible:
    • Officials (federal or state)
    • officials contender
    • Officials on probation
    • Civil servant
    • professional soldiers
    • Federal judge
    • Employees in the public sector
    • Academics may also be outside the public service.
  • Advantages:
    • Cheap, constant interest rates
    • Higher credit limit
    • Use of the loan very flexible
    • The coupled insurance may result in monetary surpluses
  • Disadvantage:
    • Taxation of interest income in case of early termination of existing insurance

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